What looks can I get with laminate flooring?

What looks can I get with laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a beautiful, realistic alternative to natural materials. These floors are budget-friendly, durable, low maintenance, and simple to install and have evolved so much that we’re seeing them moving into high-end homes where once nothing but genuine wood, stone, or tile would even be considered.

What is laminate flooring?

It is a multi-layered product with a top clear aluminum oxide coating that protects the design layer underneath. Below is the core, which can be made of fiberboard or particleboard; the best is HDF (high-density fiberboard) since it’s stable and the most water-resistant. Underneath that is the underlayment, often pre-attached, but sometimes not, which gives the floor stability and cushion.

It’s all in the style

With designs inspired by nature, you can get incredibly true-to-life images of wood, stone, or tile, all available in a wide variety of vibrant colors and patterns. Micro beveling and deep embossing add depth, dimension, and textured features such as wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, and distressed. Since they all follow industry trends, you can get anything from gray wood look floors for your farmhouse-style kitchen or glamorous high gloss wood look floors; marble or granite floors, or fun, colorful geometrics for a family room. To add even more to the realism, they can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards or square tile-sized pieces used to mimic stone or tile.

Two kinds of laminate flooring

Just what you asked for! There is now waterproof laminate flooring. It won’t absorb and stain if you drop a gallon of milk, spill a glass of juice or overturn a full wine glass. This laminate has special seals and construction features, such as the technologically advanced HDF core, that keeps spills at the top, waiting to be wiped off. There is still the water-resistant original version, so be sure to tell us what you want when you come in.

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