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Flooring trim serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Appearance-wise, it provides a finished look, customizations, visual breaks, and stunning design statements. From a practical point of view, it guards walls as you sweep and clean, covers gaps and makes smooth flooring transitions. There are trims for all flooring types and any decor, including wood, laminate, stone, tile vinyl. Please continue reading to learn some basic facts about the importance of flooring trim.


Trim is a general term that includes transition strips, crown, shoe, base moldings; baseboards; window casements; chair railings, etc. This consists of the shoe molding, a small thin strip that gives a room a bit of decoration while covering gaps that might lie between the bottom of the baseboard and the floor. These are also sometimes referred to as base moldings.

Transition strips have a big job because, in an ideal world, all floors would flow, without interruption, from room to room. Every room, however, has height issues and different priorities, so that’s not possible. For example, hardwood can’t be installed in some wet, high moisture rooms like the bathroom; the logical choice would most likely be tile. It’s also a safety issue because if the flooring is frayed or if heights are left uncovered, it can cause tripping and falling.

Many will ask if they need this since they are transitioning from one type of flooring to another similar one. The answer is "yes," because floorings often have seams to accommodate expansion and contraction. A strip will cover the expansion gap for each material and come in various materials, such as wood and metal, so it’s easy to match your decor.

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Just as crown molding covers up the room where the wall meets the ceiling, a baseboard covers up the joint where walls meet floors. It protects the wall from getting kicked and nicked from shoes, boots, and vacuum cleaner attachments, and the latter can do a lot of damage! Ideally, the baseboard should look like the other trim in the room, and, unlike crown moldings, they are much less ornate and easier to keep dust-free.

Baseboards can be made of solid wood or MDF, medium density fiberboard. While the typical color is often white, the most popular wood is oak. Sometimes people stain them to match the floor and coordinate with their decor.

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